Hustle • Rest • Repeat


So many injuries come from overuse, and guess what? You can injure your brain too by not taking a break.

That go, go, go mentality is actually hurting your productivity and most likely the quality of work you’re putting out.

Its okay (and I encourage it) to take a break and catch up with yourself, whether its a nap, a run, or maybe a vacation! I’m always a fan of the latter.

Be aware of your body and mind and listen to it. Keep yourself healthy and your work will be too!

Hustle, rest, repeat!

When in Doubt, Run it out

runWe can get so trapped in the mental pressures that we put on ourselves, when all we need is a short break and probably an increased heart rate. I know the feeling of putting exercise aside because “there is just no time”, but that is a load of crap and you and I both know it. Take 20 minutes to get some blood pumping and you’ll be amazed with the results. I especially like to get this over with in the morning and feel its effects throughout the entire day, but a mid-day walk or run is a great way to break up the work day as well. No more mental blocks – don’t waste that time beating yourself up, walk or run it out and fuel your creative juices!