I am Taylor Powers, the President and Founder of Powers Digital Media. With a degree  in Communications and Digital Media from the University of Colorado, I became fascinated with the online opportunities for advertisers. I spent 3 years helping to start a company in Boulder, CO. I managed the social media, the front end web design, inventory systems, tracking analytics, B2B sales, and all graphic design components including but not limited to photography, print and digital advertising. I left with a lot of skills, passion and determination to bring my ideas to life. From there, I moved to a very well established company, KSL Broadcasting. Within the first year I moved through the company working with social media, email marketing, promotions, graphic design, web content production to advertising operations and digital revenue opportunities. I also gained my masters certificate in Digital Marketing while working for KSL.

This array of experience, both within a small business and a very large business taught me some key factors in marketing online. I now offer my skills to businesses, big and small to help them achieve their goals by taking advantage of the extensive platform the internet offers.